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We are independent filmmakers working for indie filmmakers. We know where the problems come from. We have experience them. And we have determined that we will strive to champion American and world independent cinema not only in its making but also in its promotion in order to be successful. This way we can assure indie filmmakers can continue doing what they love. And us too.

We believe that if we care about our client's success they will come back again and look at us not only as a supplier but as a partner for years to come.


Digital Film Agency

Making films is hard. But maximising the film’s potential in the market and let worldwide audiences know about their existence is a real challenge. We believe in the new digital age we live in and we take advantage of the means we can use to reach worldwide audiences. That is why we have created a way to let the world know about the films we work with and engage them with new and innovative means.


Visual PostProduction

Style and perfection. That’s our main goal in every visual we work with. We offer services from Editing, Grading, VFX and Final Delivery we work with every project as if it was our first one.

Sound Mix & Design

Visuals come to life with every sound stroke our creative team adds to the films we work with. Every detail will be there. We love giving the audience the chance to be embraced by the spectacle of what a movie should really be.


We craft our own films as well. When we believe in one of our projects, we fight for it and find a way to bring it to life from idea to screen. We love crafting films.



A release that goes to 21 countries and 5 digital platforms for TVOD on the same date. Other types of VOD will follow. The success of this film is based on its distribution plan and its digital marketing plan. The effort of our partners and the marketing and promotion plan we create at Pier 922 Studios is key to find success in every film producer’s intention. We love film. But we know that we need to sell them in order to continue making films.


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